5 Warning Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Immediate Repair

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5 Warning Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Immediate Repair

Heat pumps are quite useful for heating homes. And most of the time, it functions so well that we take it for granted. But remember, if something goes wrong with this system, it can even disrupt your life and end up with costly repairs. Hence, as a homeowner, it’s wise to be aware of the signs that indicate you need to call an electrical contractor to repair this system. And these are what we have introduced in this blog. So, keep reading!

When You Should Repair Your Heat Pump

Poor Airflow

You might assume that poor airflow is something that is related to your duct. But if it’s clean and has no leaks, the problem can be with the heat pump itself. However, poor airflow may occur due to various reasons, such as dirty coils and dirty air filters. Or maybe, the blower motor has become sluggish. In this situation, you need to call qualified electricians who specialize in repairing the heating pump.

Weird Noise

Your heat pump can be one of the loudest machines in your home. But if the usual humming sound is turned into rattling and bubbling noises, you should call professionals. The weird noises may come due to the lose fan belt. If you hear a screeching sound, it may come from a poorly lubricated air fan motor. And bubbling sounds occur because of refrigerant leaks.

Strange Odours

A heat pump needs immediate attention if the air coming out from it smells weird. Rotting and musty smells are truly a serious matter of concern. It’s actually an indication of mold formation. Besides, the offensive smell that one must immediately act on is the burning smell. It means there is something wrong in the system electrically. It can even lead your heat pump to cause a fire hazard. However, if you encounter this issue, never turn the system back until the electricians arrive.

The Heat Pump Cannnot Heat Your Home

Is your heat pump running with a steady airflow? But your rooms are still cold! Then the time has come to check this system. This problem can be with the fan and fan motor. The issue can also take place if the electronic control board of the heat pump starts malfunctioning. Besides, the thermistor that signals the main control board may fail to function properly.

Excessive Energy Bills

It’s known to all that heat pumps consume a lot of electricity. But if your energy bill spikes suddenly despite limited usage, the time has come to pay attention to your heat pump. If the energy bill increases because of a dirty air filter, you can replace it to improve energy efficiency. But some issues cannot be handled on your own. You have to call professionals for heating pump services. Faulty installation can also affect the efficiency of the heating pump.

If you observe any of the signs mentioned above, look no further than us. We have years of experience in offering heating pump services. Our professionals repair all major brands of heating pumps. So, rely on us!

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