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Seek professional solutions for light commercial air conditioning? Look no further than Konnect Electrical & Air. With years of experience in the business, we have found that most commercial buildings can have conventional external condenser air conditioning.

Tailored Solution

If you are not sure whether you need an external or internal solution, first consult a reputable local air conditioning (HVAC) specialist like us. We will confirm this. In fact, the external option will be a lot cheaper.

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Fully Internal Air Conditioning Systems

We offer a range of tailored Air Conditioner Installation Services

Our fully internal air conditioning systems facilitate air conditioning without the requirements for any external units. You just need to install an internal condenser as a replacement for the outside condenser.

Flawless Installation

We offer fantastic solutions for many types of light commercial aircon applications. We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing and installing internal air conditioners. Contact us to learn more.

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Business Premises We Cover

  • Small offices
  • Small restaurants
  • Boutique hotel bedrooms
  • Guesthouse bedrooms
  • Small shops
  • School staff rooms
  • Small Business Premises
  • Small cafes
  • Small Retail Stores

Why Choose Us

Are you looking for a reliable electrical contractor for aircon installation in your small business premises? Contact Konnect Electrical & Air. Traits that help us stand apart in the business are here.

Fast, prompt, and friendly service

Fair prices for service, setup, and maintenance

Years of Experience in The Business

Well trained electrical contractors

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