9 Signs You Need to Immediately Call an Electrical Expert

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9 Signs You Need to Immediately Call an Electrical Expert

Do you remember the last DIY electrical project you did at home? As a homeowner, a little DIY repair can be expected. Some problems are easy to deal with. But the complicated electrical issues are difficult to handle on your own. And if these are not fixed properly, they may end up being dangerous. And that is where electrical experts come into play.

Electricians test, install, maintain, and repair electrical systems and equipment. With their expertise, they take a more proactive approach to combat any electrical issues. Below are the signs you need to immediately call an electrical expert to your home.

When You Should Call an Electrician

If you don’t feel comfortable troubleshooting any electrical issue, take help from electricians. Make sure you shut off electricity before doing any exploratory work. Now, let’s have a look at surefire signs you need to bring out electrical experts.

The Fuses Keep Blowing

Do you need to go into the basement to reset your breaker frequently? Intense heat may lead to brownouts and blackouts. And if two things run on the same circuit, it can cause a problem. However, resetting your breaker once every few months is normal. But if you need to reset it every week or day, it can be a sign of a deeper electrical issue.

Flickering Lights

A flickering light indicates that you need to change or tighten the bulb. But it can also be a sign of poor electrical wiring. The light coming out of a lamp should stay consistent unless you have a dimmer switch. A light that flickers, dimmers, or brighteners over time can lead to electrical issues.

However, if you notice your lights are flickering or dimming at the same every night, it can be a serious electrical issue. It can be a result of the overtaxed power grid. And if your lights flicker when using other appliances, it indicates wiring issues.

Not Having Enough Power Outlets

Don’t you have enough power outlets in your old home? Many people resolve this issue by adding additional outlets and plugging in a surge protector. But it’s like applying a band-aid on a large wound. You can use surge protectors. But to have enough power outlets, it’s best to contact electrical experts.

Discoloration around Switches and Outlets

Discoloration around switches and outlets indicates firing behind them. Old electrical outlets may short circuit and cause a small spark. Another reason is a loose wire in the outlet that may cause a spark in the junction box and result in an arcing.

Your Electrical Bill Is Surging

In Auckland, a high bill in January and February is normal, but in July, it can be a sign of an issue. The utility company will not raise the rate without notice. It means there is something wrong in an electrical setup that causes your house to consume and waste more electricity.

Take a look at your past year’s electricity bills. A slight jump during a month or two is normal. But if it’s steadily increasing, the time has come to call an electrician.

Outlets and Switches Feel Warm

Walk around your home and touch outlets, switches, and other electrical system surfaces. Do any of them make you feel warm? These warm areas can be a sign of overheating. And this is a problem that must be addressed by an electrician. Outlets or switches that are warm to the touch can spark a fire if they are not looked after. It can cause a significant safety hazard.

Electrical Shocks

Do you feel an electrical shock after flipping a switch or plugging a device? It’s probably a short circuit in your electrical system. Maybe, the electrical wiring has lost its insulation or become frayed because of normal wear and tear. In this situation, you should immediately take the help of an electrician.

Buzzing Sounds

A buzzing sound coming from an electrical outlet or a light switch indicates that the wiring has become loose. It also means that the electrical wiring has already burnt.

Electrical Issues in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

If you don’t maintain your kitchen and bathroom properly, a simple electrical issue can turn into a dangerous one. These are the places that are exposed to water regularly. That is why one needs to keep electrical equipment and outlet protected from residual moisture. Therefore, if you have an outdated kitchen and bathroom, call an electrical expert to ensure everything is safe.

Do you need an electrician to upgrade and maintain the electrical systems of your home? Contact us! We have a team of fully qualified, licensed, and insured electricians who deal with a range of electrical issues. Safety is our topmost priority. We will strive to save money by offering quality parts and equipment. So, drop us a note and keep reading our blogs to stay updated.

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